stuck in the future.


So here I am, posted up at Starbucks yet again. (Side note: I really love saying that I’m “posted up” whenever and where ever I can. I always wanted to be a post player in basketball, but since I’m 5’3″ that only happened twice my senior year…I think…so I’m gona say it here!)

Anyways. Back to Starbucks.

The Bux has become my writing place of choice for a couple reasons: 1) I love coffee, and the other coffee place in town closes at like 6pm, so there’s that. 2) I get to eavesdrop on conversations while they think I’m typing a blog post. Jokes on you!

But seriously, I eavesdrop a lot. My bad.

In one of my eavesdropping/writing sessions, I overheard a distressed mom say, “I just feel like if I can get through these next couple of years and get the kids in school, everything will be okay and smooth itself out.”

I immediately wrote that down because I heard so much of myself in that statement. Sure, I don’t have kids to identify with her distress in that way. (And by the way, homegirl was STRUGGLIN. Made me feel for all the moms out there.) But I have experienced discontentment in the seasons of life that I’ve been through. I’ve often thought, “Man, if I could just get through this basketball season…”

“If I could just get through this class…”
“If I could just get through this semester…”
“If I could just get through this shift at work…”
“If I could just find a man…”
“If I could just____…”

I think longing is somewhat built inside of me. I long for the day that Jesus comes back. I long for the day that “the dwelling place of God is with man. He will dwell with them, and they will be his people, and God himself will be with them as their God.”-Revelation 21:3. I long for a lot of things. But where I think I get it wrong is when I put my ultimate hope in that longing. As I’ve mentioned before (and will probably always mention, because it’s truth), my ultimate hope is to be in Jesus. My longing should be for Him.

Sure, I think it’s okay to look forward to the day that I don’t have to get up for an 8am economics class (praise Jesus that season is over!!). But if I think my ultimate satisfaction will come with the end of that season, I’m setting myself up for disappointment.

It can become easy to get stuck in the future—in hoping for the next great thing. There will always be something better if I’m not fixated on Jesus.

Question: What are seasons that you long to come to pass? How can we face these seasons together and find hope & contentment in Jesus?

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