Am I a pessimist?

Occasionally I read a blog on Christianity Today’s website.

As I clicked through recently, I came across an ad/link that literally made me laugh out loud. To be honest, it was more of a “are you kidding me?” laugh than a “man that’s hilarious!” laugh.

The ad/link said: “Waiting for a Wedding: Staying optimistic while waiting for your heart’s desires.”

First off, “heart’s desires” is such a girly Christian term I giggle a bit on the inside every time I hear it, not just in this context. Also I think I say it wwwaayyyy too much.

Secondly, is that all I’m waiting on? My wedding? If my ultimate hope and anticipation is in my wedding day, my actual marriage might struggle a bit. (As a side note, Fergie’s song Finally just started playing on my iPhone shuffle playlist. Well played, music.) 

I can’t read the Scriptures, Old Testament or New, and come to the conclusion that the epitome of my waiting is my wedding. Sure, I have a desire to one day be married, but my anticipation in life should not be ONLY for my wedding day. My deepest anticipation and desire should be for eternal communion with Jesus Christ.

When I see ads or links like the one mentioned above, it makes me think about how people may view my attitude toward this whole singleness thing. Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I think the overall culture of the American church is that, if I’m not married or pursuing marriage, there is something wrong with me, my life isn’t complete, or I need to be “fixed.” If my deepest desire and my constant thought isn’t on my wedding, do I seem like a pessimist? I would hope not. I would hope that my life still reflects optimism, but that the optimism is rooted in the fact that one day Christ will come again and make all things right. Including my attitude towards weird ads on Christian websites.

Question: Do you ever come across ads on websites that make you scratch your head or laugh in disbelief?

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